Bree Olson in the Gloryhole

Bree Olson

Bree Olson just turned 20.

She’s last week’s update.

Bree admitted to me how filthy and dirty the gloryhole is, but Bree’s a dirty girl, so a filthy, dirty adult bookstore peepshow is just the place for Bree.

Since Bree is only 20, I had to grease Abe, the manager of the store, in order to get her in the door. It cost me 50 bucks.

50 smackers.

50 doll hairs.

During the pre-gloryhole blowjob, I usually ask the girls what kind of porn they watch – if they watch porn at all.

Some do.

Some don’t.

Watch porn, that is.

Bree does, and guess what? She likes watching gangbang porn the best.

Like I said, such a filthy, naughty girl — just look at the smile on her face getting ready to step up to the hole.

Just the kinda girl I wanna settle down with and call my own.

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